AC Valhalla – Run Across England & Norway

Map Size England: running 59:00 minutes from end to end!

Map Size Norway: running 23:30 minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla? Well, there are more maps. The map of England and Norway are the biggest maps. In the previous two videos I walked across England and Norway, now I’m going to run. Let’s run across both maps in one video. The game world is very detailed and atmospheric.

Here are some highlights:

4:40 beautiful fog in forest with wolves

5:28 nice view, you can see the church of a village

7:40 a city

8:16 crowdy street (market)

8:40 nice view over the city (on a bridge)

8:58 an arena

9:14 atmospheric street

11:54 a hamlet

13:45 beautiful view

15:05 standing on the top of a mountain

15:48 sunset

16:18 another view

21:54 lights of a village at night

23:45 sleeping deers

26:38 little house at night, and a small hamlet

30:11 enemy camp

34:43 view

35:10 red plants

38:00 great view

40:26 nice view over the South of England (thumbnail!)

44:00 fog

44:25 castle

45:24 beautiful nature: ponds with birds

46:30 village and fog on the ground

47:44 farm with a dead man

50:40 river and forest in the late afternoon

59:06 NORWAY:

1:01:18 view

1:02:44 beautiful waves in the cold sea

1:07:22 little camp

1:08:58 great view

1:11:38 wet rocks

1:12:14 a creek

1:13:40 view

1:15:55 a tower

1:17:40 a seal

1:21:54 village

(release date: november 2020)

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