AC Origins – Walk Across the Map NE-SW

Map Size: 2:48:11 minutes from end to end!

How Big is Assassin’s Creed: Origins? I already walked across this map in the previous video. I walked 13600 meters from the northwest to the southeast. Now I’m going to walk 13000 meters from the northeast to the southwest. In this video I walk into some real beautiful places: 43:40, 44:25 (people play their musical instruments), 56:12 (pyramid), 1:29:50 (beautiful view of the lake at night), 1:33:33 (walking through a city early in the morning), 1:55:15 (village), 2:02:22 (another beautiful view), 2:25:30 (white rocks). I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I did.

(release date: october 2017)
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