Little Hats – Run Across the Map

Map Size: running 40:08 minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in Little Hats? Let’s run across the map to find out. I’m very small because I’m a gnome. So a lot of things around me look big. In the previous video I crept across the map, now I’m going to run. I’ll start in a different corner of the map, so we can see other parts of teh game world. The game world is very atmospheric and unique. The rain and the wind feel very realistic. When you hear a bird or a frog, that bird or frog is really there. You can also enter a lot of houses. It’s awesome, and the game isn’t even finished yet. It’s still in early access. And besides that it’s also made by one man. His name is Tim Venekamp, I think he really has talent. The game world will expand in the future and I probably will walk across this map again when it’s finished.

Highlights during this journey: 3:21 a mysterious chair 5:48 small village 7:00 angry chicken 7:25 inside a house 12:50 a farm 16:55 rain, strorm, wet leaves 19:22 a creek 19:36 a palace at night in the distance 20:53 waterfall, let’s jump down 23:18 my food rolls away 23:25 elves village 23:45 an elf 25:30 the owl is trying to get me 30:35 fog

Tags: free roam, freeroam, free roaming, freeroaming, explore, exploring game worlds, video game maps size comparison, asmr, map size, how long does it take, relaxing walk, digital walks, open world games

(release date: september 2021, in early access)

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