7 Days to Die (2021) – Creep Across the Map

Map Size: 2:00:28 minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in 7 Days to Die? Let’s creep across the map to find out. Walking goes a little bit too fast in my opinion so I’m going to creep. In the next video I’ll walk across this map. I’ll take a different route so we can see other parts of the game world. I already walked across this map a few years ago. The video was choppy because I didn’t really care about frame rates back then. So I’m going to do it again. Now it wil run smoothly. Another reason I creep and walk across this map again is because the game world has changed in all these years.

Some highlights:

15:50 a house

19:10 more buildings

24:50 the sun appears!

29:00 city

46:38 another city

50:25 beautiful factory

53:56 creepy house at night

57:50 creepy church at night

1:03:50 another house

1:09:25 nice place in nature early in the morning

1:28:55 atmopshere and environment are changing

1:32:00 desert

1:54:40 strange sky

The old videos I made:

7 Days to Die, Walk Across the Map:

7 Days to Die, Run Across the Map:

(release date: december 2013, september 2021: still in alpha state. version being seen here: Alpha 19.6)

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