20,000 Subscribers on YouTube

20K subs! Thank you all for reaching 20000 subscribers! You are the greatest!! In this video I thank you for the 20K subs of course, I show some of my first videos (2016!), I show the new playlists and I rap a little.

Music by: How Big is the Map

Here are the lyrics of the rap:

The last time I was rapping was like two years ago. Even though I did it before maybe it sounds pitiful I listen to difficult flows from Smoky and Blokk (Blokkmonsta) Rako, Schwartz, (Perverz), Tommy Wright III and K Rock. I wanna say rest in peace to the rappers who lost their lives Lord Infamous, Koopsta (Knicca), C9 and Big Syke Big L, Big Pun, Big Mello and Big Hawk Tweedy Bird Loc, Nini X, (Fo CLips), Princess Loko and Lil Corb Tim Dog, Bushwick (Bill), Pimp C and Lord 3-2 Fat Pat, MC Breed, Eazy E and DJ Screw But this channel is about game worlds and not about rap Let’s go back to the subject we’re talkin’ about walking’ across maps Everything in the World in changin’ except this channel right here I’m doin the same thing for almost five years. My dear my wife still support me just like my subs For my wife a physical hug … for my subs a digital hug It looks like Corona’s changing the World right about now. But here you still hear footsteps when you turn up the sound. You hear birds, creatures, monsters and other maneaters Waterfalls, thundersturms or players that try to beat us I wanna walk across the maps of more than a million games And I’m gonna do that because for me it will never be lame. I think I will walk across maps in 2070 I’ll even walk across maps in the next century!

I would like to thank these huge YouTube channels for mentioning me:… (starts at 2:02) And this big YouTuber (over 2 million subs) on Twitch: (starts at 1:06:10)

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