175 Biggest Maps Ever Created

The 175 Biggest Maps ever created! In this video game maps size comparison video you see the 175 biggest maps in history. I walked, ran, crept, sprinted, swam, swang and drove across more than 200 maps in open world games to find out how big these game worlds are and I made a Top 175 biggest maps. I start with the smallest map and I end with the biggest map. In the top of the screen you see how long it took me to go from one corner of the map to the opposite corner of the map. In some games you can’t walk so I had to creep to get a walking speed. Or I had to run or drive. In the games where you can only run or drive, I had to make a calculation in order to get an idea how long it would take me if I could walk in that game.

I used this calculation:

Creeping= 1x walking speed

Speed walking = 2x walking speed

Running = 2,5x walking speed

Sprinting – 3x walking speed

Driving 45 mph = 11x walking speed

Driving 55 mph = 14x walking speed

Driving 65 mph = 16x walking speed

Enjot the Top 175 Biggest Maps Ever Made!

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